Trip to Tucson

Trip to Tucson

Tucson was great.

As I flew in, I saw a great sunset over Phoenix from the plane window.

Next day, we went hiking on a graphically dangerous trail.

Pretty Though

Cacti are weird

Pretty, though.

Aunt Suzy and I went to the middle of nowhere… The Rattlesnake Ranch.

It was kind of disappointing.

But Tombstone was nearby. This is what people in Tombstone AZ have a view of.

And this is what they drive.

Tombstone was not disappointing.

Aunt Suzy decided we should see the sunset on horseback.

Not much else to do in Tucson.

But watch the sun set.

And do jigsaw puzzles.

Next day, we went on the border tour.

This is a water tank, put out by people who don’t want border crossers to die of dehydration.

Very few people want that. Even Border Patrol would rather put out water than deal with dead bodies.

This is what the border fence looks like.

Later, we went up to Mt. Lemmon, 9000 feet in the air.

9000 is a lot.

Which is what makes Mt. Lemmon a great place for South Korea to lease a telescope.

The U.S. Military and the University of Tucson also have telescopes up there.

The University of Arizona is the only one that we were allowed to look through.

Another fancy Arizona Sunset.

Star-gazing with a giant telescope.

This is what Tucson looks like from about 8000 ft.


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