Holidays In Miami

It was Lia’s Birthday!

with Jay and other guy aab

and board games aac

Sarah is the chairman of the boardgames aad

At least some people dressed up aae

Jonathan intimidates the guests with curry. aag

In the morning, I rode over this bridgeaah

and on one of these aai

to Miami… the land of slash pines SONY DSC

and military rocket testing SONY DSC

and then it got dark SONY DSC

And the weirdos came out.SONY DSC

Florida Weirdosaan

The next day, we visited the elusive Deering estate.aana

Pa was unimpressed with the wine collection, but fascinated by the zoning history of the old mansionaanb

Tyrannosaurus -specs (cause we’re both wearing glasses) aanc

Then off to the beach.aao

And the old but not so abandoned bomb shelteraap

Who put that there?aaq

Good Job, Aidmanaar

We let the sun go down againSONY DSC

So we could let the party begin.aat

Samy was raging hardaau

and everyone inside seemed happy enough aav

But then things got a little out of control aaw

But Samy got a handle on the situation aax

Gwen and her bf were unimpressed with Samy’s grasp of Peter’s pow-stick aay

2012 ended aaz

with a bang aba

Joey’s resolution was to creep more abb

Nick’s resolution was to steal a jet-ski, take it to hawaii, and crash it into an aircraft carrier. abc

Good job, Joey. abd

Then we went to the beach abe

where we found a corresponding ball abf

Joe and Aidman kept eachother warm abg

Samy and Amy smoked all of Aidman’s bath salts abh

Aidman began the finger pointing abi

doesn’t Amy look amazing? abj

wish I could say the same for Nick abk

6 people, 1 beer = herpes outbreakabl

so long old friends and warm beaches abm

hello cold dreary pukelifeSONY DSC



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